Added the Source code for FuzzballMcFuzzFace

My goal for this jam was to get more familiar with Godot and I feel like I reached that goal. I already feel much more confident using the engine.
Time management wise this was my best jam so far, it got pretty late yesterday but overall I'm very happy how things went.
On the last day I had the idea that the things you collect would slowly fill up your screen and I ended up wasting 4 hours trying to make that work, which was the cause for the late night at the last day.

My original idea for the jam was this:
"I have an idea for something more abstract, like you just walk around through a bunch of noise visually and audible and you have to find some quite oasis of silence and solitude"
I think I came pretty close to what I had in mind, the visual style and the audio just came through experimentation and going with the flow, which I think worked out nicely in this case.

I had a lot of performance problems with the web version and while it is still not great, i did manage to make it perform better now and uploaded the web version as well as the source code to the game one day after the jam.


Mini Jam 75 MB
May 04, 2020
FuzzballMcFuzzFace 53 MB
May 03, 2020

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I decided to download Godot... I like the UI in the editor. It will take some time to learn but I'll give it a shot. Should be interesting.

If you like the UI you will be thrilled to hear that Godots UI was build with Godot itself, which means that everything you see in Godots UI you have access to for your games as well. 


NICE!!! So tweaks shouldn't be too much of an issue for a noob... great news to know.