This is an old tech demo from a canceled project called Satire X.

It was planned as a top down, twin stick, arena shooter. With waves of enemies, and the occasional boss fight.

I worked on it together with my friend Diver, he made all the amazing pixel art and I did the coding.

You can play with Keyboard & Mouse or Gamepad (only player slot Nr1)
F11 = Fullscreen
F9 = switch render mode
Right Mouse Button = Spawn Enemy
Middle Mouse button = Paint blood

Leave a comment below, it's always awesome to hear what people liked or didn't like.

Development log


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Pixel art is great!  I don't suppose you all ever considered selling it as an asset product on itch io??? I would definitely buy it.

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I'm running on Brave browser and have a 240hz monitor, the enemies literally move and spawn at a borderline speed of light that I cannot outrun or kill before they swarm my character endlessly, they swarm me in seconds, surviving longer than 20 seconds is quite literally impossible.  It'd be like a rotten apple avoiding having flies land on it when out on the road on a hot summer day. My characters movement is likely normal, but nothing about the enemy AI is normal speed.

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Haha that sounds hilarious :D Would you share a video of that? I would love to see it.

[Edit] Okay, I found the old project files. The game should run normal on monitors above 60Hz now.